Tilting Quick Coupler

Tilting Quick Coupler

Tilting quick coupler help excavator quickly connect bucket, grapple, ripper,mud bucket etc. No man work or remove pins, easy operate and save time. Tilting quick coupler is better than common hydraulic quick coupler, it can be locked when excavator do not work.

Applied to change excavator parts,like ripper,hydraulic hammer, grapples and so on,enlarge excavator working range, save time and improve efficiency.Newly design hydraulic tilt quick hitch,more safety and stability.


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In the world of heavy machinery, precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. The Excavator Tilting Quick Coupler System is here to redefine the way you work with your excavator. Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of switching attachments manually and welcome a new era of productivity and adaptability.


excavator tilting change


1. Effortless Attachment Swapping: With our innovative hydraulic tilting mechanism, you can switch between excavator attachments in a matter of minutes, all from the comfort of your operator’s cab. No more wasted time or additional personnel required.

2. Versatility Redefined: Whether your project involves digging, lifting, breaking, or material handling, the Excavator Tilting Quick Coupler System adapts to your needs. It’s like having a fleet of specialized machines in one, enhancing your excavator’s versatility.

3. Safety First: We understand the importance of safety on the job site. Our quick change system ensures a secure and reliable connection, allowing you to work confidently in any position. You can trust the Excavator Tilt Quick Change System to get the job done safely.

4. Enhanced Productivity: Minimize downtime and maximize productivity. With our system, you’ll complete tasks faster, save on labor costs, and increase your bottom line. Get more done in less time with the Excavator Tilt Quick Change System.

5. Robust and Durable: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our quick change system is designed for durability. It’s a long-term investment that will serve you well for years to come.



– Construction: Streamline your construction projects by effortlessly switching between attachments for different tasks.

– Demolition: Tackle demolition projects with ease by changing to the right tool for the job in seconds.

– Excavation: Improve excavation efficiency by adapting your excavator to varying soil conditions and depths.

– Material Handling: Lift and transport materials swiftly and safely, optimizing your material handling operations.

– Landscaping: From digging to grading, adapt your excavator to diverse landscaping tasks with ease.

– Road Work: Enhance road construction and maintenance by having the right attachment at your fingertips.


Tilting Quick Coupler General Arrangement Drawing

tilting quick coupler


Model number Tilt Degree Drive Torque Motor Working Pressure Motor Necessary Flow Quick Coupler Working Pressure Tilt Necessary Flow Fit to Excavator any Brand L*W*H  MM Weight
unit Degree Nm Bar Ipm bar lpm ton mm Kg
HTTQC08 180° 930 210 2-4 25-300 15-25 0.8-2 477*280*567 55
HTTQC20 180° 2870 210 5-16 25-300 15-25 2-3.5 477*280*567 112
HTTQC36 180° 4400 210 5-16 25-300 15-25 3.6-6 518*310*585 156
HTTQC36S 180° 7190 210 5-16 25-300 15-25 3.6-6 541*350*608 176
HTTQC70 180° 4400 210 5-16 25-300 15-25 7-9 582*350*649 170
HTTQC70S 180° 7190 210 15-44 25-300 15-25 7-9 582*350*649 208
HTTQC100 180° 10623 210 19-58 25-300 15-25 10-15 720*450*784 413
HTTQC160 180° 14600 210 22-67 25-300 17-29 16-20 800*530*864 445
HTTQC210 180° 18600 210 35-105 25-300 15-25 21-25 858*500*911 655



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