Hydraulic Drunm Cutter

Hydraulic Drunm Cutter

Hydraulic drum cutter or rock cutters are hydraulic excavator attachments. Designed to increase the range of work available to excavators and increase their return on investment.


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Hydraulic drum cutter is an attachment where rotating drums equipped with picks, strategically positioned around the outer diameter, are rotated by a hydraulic motor at several hundred revolutions per minute to cut rock, concrete or frozen ground.
Hydraulic drum cutter is widely used in open-pit coal mine, tunnel excavation and outline correction, channel groove milling and digging, asphalt concrete pavement milling, rock digging, toots milling, milling of permafrost, iron and steel industry, forestry and other construction field.


Key Features for Hydraulic Drum Cutter:

1. Precision Demolition:

Our Excavator Hydraulic Drum Cutter delivers surgical precision when tackling concrete, rock, asphalt, and other tough materials. Whether you’re working on construction sites, road maintenance, or any excavation project, this attachment ensures a clean, precise cut every time.

2. Exceptional Power:

Harnessing the hydraulic power of your excavator, our Drum Cutter generates incredible rotational force to effortlessly chew through even the hardest materials. This means you’ll complete tasks faster, saving time and resources.

3. Versatile Application:

From trenching and rock removal to concrete cutting and excavation, this attachment is a versatile workhorse that adapts to a wide range of applications. It’s a game-changer for contractors, landscapers, and excavation professionals.

4. Built to Last:

Crafted from top-grade materials and engineered for durability, our Drum Cutter is designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. You can rely on its robust construction to endure the toughest working conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

5. Hydraulic Drum Cutter Ease of Installation:

Installing and operating the Excavator Hydraulic Drum Cutter is a breeze. Simply connect it to your excavator’s quick-coupler system and hydraulic lines, and you’re ready to roll. The user-friendly design means minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

6. Precise Control:

Hydraulic controls allow you to fine-tune the cutting speed and power to suit the specific requirements of your project. This level of control ensures accurate results and minimizes the risk of over-cutting or damaging surrounding structures.

7. Safety First:

Safety is paramount, and our Drum Cutter comes equipped with safety features such as protective guards and anti-kickback mechanisms to protect the operator and bystanders. You can work confidently, knowing that safety is a top priority.

8. Enhanced Productivity:

The Excavator Hydraulic Drum Cutter is your ticket to enhanced productivity. Its rapid cutting ability and minimal vibration reduce operator fatigue and increase work efficiency. You’ll get more done in less time, maximizing your project’s profitability.

9. Low Maintenance:

Designed for ease of maintenance, this attachment keeps downtime to a minimum. Its durable components and high-quality build mean fewer repairs and less time spent on maintenance tasks, allowing you to stay focused on your projects.

Upgrade your excavator’s capabilities with the Excavator Hydraulic Drum Cutter and experience a new level of efficiency and precision in your excavating and demolition projects. Whether you’re a professional contractor or an excavation enthusiast, this attachment will redefine the way you work.


Model DC80 DC150 DC240 DC350 DC450
Operating Weightkg 372 845 1340 1860 2620
Input Powerkw 25 30 52 60 120
Max. Powerkw 34 40 62 70 140
Max. Operating Powerbar 350 350 350 350 350
Oil FlowI/min 30-50 60-90 80-140 140-210 260-450
Cutting Speedrpm 120-200 90-130 65-113 Sep-50 40-70
Cutting Head TorqueNm 3200 5800 10900 24000 36000
Cutter Dia.mm 360 460 590 620 730
Carrier Weighttons 3.0-8.0 8.0-15.0 15.0-24.0 18.0-35.0 30.0-45.0


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1)High displacement motors with high torque for extra productivity and cutting force.

2)Gear box manufactured from thicker steel plate.

3) Stronger output shaft fixing to the gear box housing.
Thicker wear plates.


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