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  • The data of each product will be drawn by engineers and technicians through CAD to draw accurate simulation diagrams, and then put into production after checking and confirming with customers.

  • According to the different needs of the buckets, steel materials of different thicknesses are selected for production.
  • The accessories are all configured with the best quality and the price that best meets the needs of customers.

  • The surface of the product is polished before painting to make the finished product look better.

  • The finished paint is waterproofed to make the product more corrosion-resistant.

    • Customized Excavator Bucket

    Custom Excavator Bucket

    • Customize all types of modified extension arms suitable for all brands of excavators.

    • Customize the most suitable modified extension arm according to different working conditions and needs.

    • Support product retail and wholesale.

    • Fast production, the fastest delivery time for a single product is 10-15 days.

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    Wholesale Excavator Bucket FAQ

    No problem, our minimum order quantity is 1.

    We use the best steel to make it for you, making sure each of our buckets is tough enough.

    No problem, we can produce buckets of any size. But we will also give a best suggestion based on your excavator model.

    Yes, we can provide you with all the accessories and give you the lowest price.

    We do a waterproof painting when we produce the bucket.

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