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  • Each set of products is put into production after the technical personnel pass the FEA force analysis, and strive to achieve the best quality and performance of each set of products.

  • The raw materials of all products are provided by large Chinese steel enterprises, and each batch of materials has industry certification and international certification.
  • All production processes are followed up and supervised by professionals to ensure that every process of the product is traceable.

  • The surface of the product has been sprayed for 4 times, which has a better protection effect on the product and will not rust too quickly.

    • Excavator Long Reach Boom Customized

    Custom Excavator Boom

    • Customize all types of modified extension arms suitable for all brands of excavators.

    • Customize the most suitable modified extension arm according to different working conditions and needs.

    • Support product retail and wholesale.

    • Fast production, the fastest delivery time for a single product is 10-15 days.

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    Wholesale Excavator Boom FAQ

    You can tell us your excavator model, and we will give you a most suitable suggestion according to the model.

    Our technology will give you a suggestion and plan according to your excavator situation.

    We will give each customer a suggestion of the maximum distance, if it is too long, it will affect your normal use.

    All our raw materials are provided by the best steel companies in China, all of which have been strictly inspected and certified by product.

    Our general production cycle is 7-15 working days.

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