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  • The steel plates and materials used in all accessories are cut by CNC numerical control. The precision of the products is extremely high, and the error is controlled within 0.03-0.01mm.

  • Each accessory can accept OEM customization service, and design and improve it according to the actual needs and uses of customers.

  • The production process of all accessories is monitored and inspected at least 3 times before delivery.

  • The connection dimensions of attachments and equipment have been measured and checked, with high accuracy, and the deviation is controlled within 2-3mm.

    • Customized Excavator Attachment

    Custom Excavator Attachment

    • There are a variety of attachments commonly used in the market for excavators and back loaders.

    • Support personal brand logo listing production

    • Provide the most suitable design

    • The minimum order quantity is 1, and OEM customization of any style is accepted.

    • Fast production, the fastest delivery time for a single product is 7-10 days.

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      Wholesale Excavator Attachment FAQ

    Before our products are produced, technicians will collect and compare data strictly, and then draw accurate data maps through CAD for production.

    No problem, just provide your needs and ideas, our engineers will design and put into production according to your needs.

    We will provide a set of corresponding accessories, if you want to buy more, we will also sell it to you at the lowest price.

    Our technicians can assist you in installation through online or video guidance.

    Our general production cycle is 7-15 working days

    Most of our products have a shelf life, during which we have corresponding maintenance or replacement services.

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