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Customized Excavator Attachment

Excavator Attachment

Excavator Long Reach Boom Customized

Excavator Boom

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Excavator Bucket

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Excavator Accessory

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Hite Machinery offers a full range of excavator parts

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Hite Machinery has proudly served the excavator parts industry with excavator breaker, excavator wood grab, excavator quick-change joint, excavator rotary drill, excavator piling hammer, excavator ripper.

  • Provide the most suitable design for excavator parts

  • Fast production, the fastest delivery time for a single product is 7-10 days.

  • EM customization of any style is accepted

Featured Excavator Parts

Long Reach Boom

Rock Boom and Arm

Heavy Duty Bucket

Ditching Bucket

hydraulic breaker

Hydraulic Breaker

Rotatable Grapple


orange peel grab

Non-Rotatable Orange Peel Grab

Excavator Parts Recent Projects

Hydraulic Breakers, Egypt

Excavator Hydraulic Breakers

Tilt Bucket,Canada

Tilt Bucket

Ripper Boom, Russia

Ripper Boom

Bucket And Attachments, Israel

Excavator Attachments

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we are more than willing to handle combined shippings for you. In fact, we are 30mins driving distance to Guangzhou port and the freight cost should be lower since all containers will go through Shenzhen port in order to leave China

Yes, Our factory is providing OEM services to many trading companies. We have a experienced technical team ready to discuss with you about your special requirements.

Please check it with the sales person who you have been contact with. We are activly seeking long-term partners and dealers worldwide. We provide restrictive dealer protecting policy and profitable dealer policy. Feel free to ask us about it.

Our sales team is very well trained before they got the chance to contact with you. He or she will lead you through the whole oversea buying process. You will be asking a local custom-clearance company to handle the product when it finally arrived at your country.

Different products are having differet warranty policy from 6 month to 12 mmonth. Please check with the sale person for a completed warranty document.

All of our parts are designed to be easily found in your local market. There’s no unique designed parts.

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What Our Clients Say Our Excavator Parts

Bulk Custom Products

I have been impressed with all aspects of this purchase. starting with dealing with the company representative, his English was of a much higher standard than many other salespeople I’ve dealt with in China.

He actually listened carefully and always came back with positive solutions. The engineers did really well in custom designing my item as it was for a small machine. The item was quite well made. It was supplied with a multitude of hydraulic fittings and hoses as well as electrical switching and associated products. This was unexpected.

My purchase was not a large purchase, but they treated me with professionalism all the same. I plan to use their company again at a later stage.

Australia customersGrant Mugford from Australia, Distributor

We are very satisfied with this purchase experience. We met a company that really understands the product. Compared with the company we have contact with, they have a better understanding of the details of the product and can optimize it for us.

The salesperson was also patient enough for the questions we asked. We understood our jet lag problem, but he was always able to answer us the first time. And the products received are also very high-quality, and the processing technology is definitely the best we have encountered in the near future.

We will recommend this supplier without hesitation. The products are of high quality and we are happy to buy from them again.

New Zealand customersSteve Zelko from New Zealand, Distributor

A perfect purchasing experience, this is our first cooperation. Throughout the process, our communication was very smooth, and our response was very timely. The sales staff knew their products very well and thanked those who really knew the products.

Especially to answer the questions we asked patiently so that we can better understand the products and specific models we really need to buy. Let us be more clear about the product and the later use of the product. This is definitely a real manufacturer.

I believe we will have more cooperation in the future, and we look forward to the next cooperation.

Australia CustomersGrant Mugford from Australia, Distributor

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