Excavator Hydraulic Grapple

Excavator Hydraulic Grapple

Excavator Hydraulic Grapple, also called “Excavator Log Grab, Timber Grab”, adopts Q690 High Strength Steel and advance rotating motor. 360-degree clockwise or anticlockwise rotation and the rotation speed can be controlled by operator, special rotary gears are used to prolong lifespan and lower the cost, fit for all operations where there need grappling and loading, such as stone, timber, waste, tube operations, garden and stone laying projects.

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The Excavator Hydraulic Grapple has a large jaw opening that allows it to pick up large materials, and the hydraulic design of the grapple give it better grip, so it can grab large and uneven loads, increasing productivity and efficiency in loading cycles.

The Excavator Hydraulic Grapple has the ability to handle large loads, making it ideal for site cleaning up and material handling. But a Compact Version is also available when the job site has tight working spaces.

In the world of timber handling and forestry, precision and control are paramount. That’s why we’ve developed the Excavator Wood Grabber, designed to provide unmatched grip and handling capabilities.

With its specialized design and powerful hydraulic system, this innovative attachment allows you to securely grip and move logs and timber with ease.

Whether you’re loading logs, sorting timber, or performing tree removal tasks, the Hydraulic Grapple is the go-to tool for efficient and precise material handling.

Equipped with advanced features and durable construction, our Wood Grabber ensures optimal performance, reliability, and operator safety.

Installation is seamless, as the Wood Grabber is designed to be compatible with a wide range of excavator models. It’s a versatile and cost-effective addition to your construction and forestry fleet.

Handle timber with ease using the Excavator Hydraulic Grapple.

Excavator Hydraulic Grapple Construction Scope Map

3D Modeling Diagram

Excavator Hydraulic Grapple

Machine Tonnage Description Max.Opening ranging(in) Weight(lbs) Material
6-10T Rotating-rotating 57.1 1430/1562 Q345B+NM360
11-16T Rotating-rotating 66.9 1760/1914 Q345B+NM361
17-20T Rotating-rotating 74.8 2134/2310 Q345B+NM362
21-24T Rotating-rotating 80.7 2354/2530 Q345B+NM363
25-30T Rotating-rotating 86.6 2640/2860 Q345B+NM364
31-35T Rotating-rotating 90.6 3080/3344 Q345B+NM365
36-40T Rotating-rotating 94.5 3630/3938 Q345B+NM366
41-45T Rotating-rotating 98.4 4268/4620 Q345B+NM367
65T Rotating-rotating 98.4 8140/9240 Q345B+NM368


1) Sealed type rotary drive solve the oil leakage problem, only required light greasing(80g of grease) once 6 months(unlike most
of the product on the market needed greasing everyday) and better protect the product.
2) Motor drive adopted symetrical double support design, reducing the bearing load and extend service life.
3) The jaw structure is manufactured of Q690 High Strength Alloy Steel, lighter weight with twice of the strength comparing with
Q345(normally used on the market)

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