Long Reach Boom and Arm

Long Reach Boom and Arm

Revolutionize Your Excavation: Say goodbye to limitations and hello to unprecedented efficiency with our Excavator Long Reach Boom. Engineered with precision and crafted from high-quality materials, this boom is designed to enhance your excavator’s performance, enabling you to take on complex projects with ease and precision.

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Excavator Long Reach Boom is one of best selling products. HITE has a long history of supplying long reach fronts packages for excavator weights from 8T- 180T. With our expertise in designing and manufacturing Long Reach Booms, you can achive max.ROI on your existing fleet of excavators.

Equipped with a longer arm and a specialized boom configuration, our excavator long reach boom allows you to access hard-to-reach areas and work efficiently in deep excavations. Whether you’re involved in dredging, riverbank maintenance, or demolition projects, this product will significantly increase your productivity and efficiency. Its exceptional durability ensures reliable performance, even in the toughest operating conditions.

We design the long reach front with structural grade tensile steel. Welding is done by experienced welder with over 8 years of experience, at least. The whole production process incompliance with ISO 9001 standard, and they are all CE certificated.

Safety is our top priority, and we have incorporated several innovative features into the design of our long reach boom. With advanced stability systems and reinforced structure, you can trust that your operators will have a secure working environment. Additionally, the boom is equipped with state-of-the-art hydraulic controls, providing smooth and precise movements for precise digging and lifting operations.

Investing in our excavator long reach boom means investing in improved productivity, safety, and versatility for your construction projects. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have experienced the outstanding performance and reliability of our product. Contact us today to learn more about how our long reach boom can revolutionize your excavating operations and take your business to new heights.


excavator long reach boom

Excavator Long Reach Boom Construction Scope Map

Long Reach Boom Configuration Diagram

Long Reach Boom Configuration Diagram


3D Modeling Diagram For Excavator Long Front Boom

3D modeling diagram of excavator long boom

Excavator Long Reach Boom General Arrangement Drawing


Machine Tonnage Extension boom Extended arm Height while transport Digging radius Max.unloading height Max.Digging height Max.Digging depth Bucket capacity(m³) Cylinder(T) Weight while working(kg)
12T 7100mm 5900mm 2900mm 11200mm 7350mm 9350mm 9000mm 0.3 12 3000
20T 8220mm 7160mm 2980mm 14500mm 10390mm 12510mm 11340mm 0.4 12 4000
35T 8220mm 7160mm 3050mm 14500mm 10490mm 12610mm 11370mm 0.4 12 4200
30T 10000mm 8000mm 3210mm 17300mm 11720mm 13920mm 13010mm 0.4 12 5200
35T 11000mm 9000mm 3210mm 19200mm 12920mm 15120mm 15000mm 0.5 12 6000
40T 12000mm 10000mm 3400mm 21100mm 14240mm 16980mm 16500mm 0.6 20 6500
45T 13000mm 11000mm 3400mm 22900mm 15230mm 17800mm 18000mm 0.6 20 7000

High-quality materials

Material Code Related Chemical Composition Hardness(HB) Extension(%) Drag and extension intensity (N/mm2) Bend Intensity (N/mm2)
C Si Mn P S
Alloy Q355B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163-187 21 470-660 355
Chinese High-Strength alloy NM360 0.2 0.3 1.3 0.02 0.006 360 16 1200 1020
High-Strength alloy HARDOX-500 0.2 0.7 1.7 0.025 0.01 470-500 8 1550 1300

Our Excavator Long Reach Booms Sticks fit most makes and models, Include but not limit below models.

  • Komatsu Excavator Model: PC160LC-8, PC200, PC210, PC228, PC220 PC270, PC300, PC350, PC450, PC600, PC850, PC1250
  • Caterpillar Excavator Model: CAT320, CAT323, CAT326, CAT329, CAT330, CAT335, CAT336, CAT349, CAT352, CAT374, CAT390
  • Hitachi Excavator Model: ZX210, EX200, EX220, EX330, EX350, ZX200, ZX240, ZX330, EX350, EX400, ZX470, ZX670, ZX870, EX1200, EX1900
  • Volvo Excavator Model: EC220, EC235, EC250, EC300, EC350, EC355, EC380, EC480, EC750
  • Doosan Excavator Model: DX225, DX235, DX255, DX300, DX350, DX420, DX490, DX530, DX800
  • Kobelco Excavator Model: SK200, SK210, SK220, SK250, SK260, SK300, SK330, SK350, SK380, SK460, SK500, SK850
  • Sumitomo Excavator Model: SH210, SH225, SH240, SH300, SH330, SH350, SH460, SH480, SH500, SH700, SH800
  • Hyundai Excavator Model: R200, R210, R220, R290, HX220, HX235, HX260, HX300, HX330, HX380, HX430, HX480, HX520, R1200
  • KATO: HD250, HD400, HD450, HD550, HD700, HD800, HD820, HD900,HD1250,HD1430
  • CASE: CX130B, CX210B, CX240B, CX360B, CX470B,CX800B
  • LIEBHERR: R900C,R906, R916, R924, R926, R954, R964C, R974C, R984C
  • JCB: JS130LC, JS220LC, JS240LC, JS290LC, JS360
  • SANY: SY200C, SY210C, SY225, SY310C, SY420
  • SUNWARD: SWE130, SWE150, SWE200, SWE210, SWE230, SWE470

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1) Structure design based on FEA, more durable and efficient, saving your time in the shop.

2) All steel came from CSG, the top 50 steelmakers in China, Making sure the quality of our main raw material.

3) Phosphating tubes are used instead of a normal tube, providing excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability to better protect the hydraulic system, and provide more power to the work.

4) Cooper sets have been used on the connector instead of normal steel sets used on the market.


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