Wholesale Tilt Buckets in Canada

Mr. Bruce, our client in Ottawa, Canada, was our first client in Canada. Before cooperating with us, Mr. Bruce had been struggling to find a suitable manufacturer to provide him with products, thinking that the equipment replacement frequency in the construction machinery industry was very high, and the equipment loss rate was also very large.

From the communication with Mr. Bruce, we learned that he saw us when he searched for tilting bucket manufacturers on Google, obtained our contact information on the Internet, and directly communicated with us by phone. Mr. Bruce is a dealer of excavator parts and he has a large number of customers who need to buy excavator buckets and other products. But the price of local products is too high and the cut quality is not very good.

Through online communication and video, we showed Mr. Bruce our strength and technology as a manufacturer of excavator buckets and other products, and soon reached the first cooperation with Mr. Bruce. The production of the first batch of tilting buckets was completed, and we arranged an online inspection at the first time. After confirming the quality, we also arranged shipping immediately to send the tilting buckets to the customer’s location.

Due to the different sizes and sizes of tilting buckets ordered by Mr. Bruce, we also included spare pins. After the product was delivered to the customer, the customer gave us very good feedback on the quality, and said that the quality was much better than what he had purchased before. Will continue to cooperate with us after this batch of bucket sales.