Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grapple usually applied to grab stone, steel scrap, working in junkyard, construction site and so on. The HITE Mechanical Orange Peel Grab Grab could be divided into several types, from 3 ton to 50 ton, which can fit different requirements.

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Mechanical Orange Peel Grab are recognized as an industry leader in both quality and durability.Our grapples suitable for attaching to any model excavator, loader or crane.For all ferrous, non-ferrous and solid waste applications including crushed stone and blasted rock. Also available with a built in scrap magnet configuration for sorting and separately materials efficiently.

According to the teeth of Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel grab, it has four teeth, five teeth. It is widely used for handing, loading and unloading materials, such as scrap metal, sugarcane, wood, stone, steel slag, grabbing garbage, and other special operations. The hydraulic orange peel scrap grab is the ideal tool for handling car bodies, loose waste, rubbish, gravel, or sand.

In the world of material handling and recycling, precision and flexibility are key. That’s why we’ve developed the Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grab, designed to provide unmatched versatility and performance.

With its unique design and 360-degree rotating capability, this innovative attachment allows you to securely grab, rotate, and sort a variety of materials, including scrap metal and waste.

Whether you’re working in scrap yards, waste management facilities, or demolition sites, the Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grab is the ultimate tool for efficient material handling and sorting.

Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and durable construction, our Rotating Orange Peel Grab ensures optimal performance, reliability, and easy maintenance.

Installation is seamless, as the Rotating Orange Peel Grab is designed to be compatible with a wide range of excavator models. It’s a versatile and cost-effective addition to your construction and recycling fleet.

Handle materials with precision and flexibility using the Excavator Non-Rotatable Orange Peel Grab.

Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grab Construction Scope Map

Non-Rotatable Orange Peel Grab

3D Modeling Diagram

3D modeling diagram of Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

General Arrangement Drawing

Excavator Mechanical Orange Peel Grab

Excavator Non-Rotatable Orange Peel Grab
Machine Tonnage Description Number of Tines Weight(Kg) Material
3-5T Rotating-rotating 4 380/420 Q345B+NM360
6-10T Rotating-rotating 4 570/620 Q345B+NM361
11-16T Rotating-rotating 5 820/880 Q345B+NM362
17-20T Rotating-rotating 5 1080/1180 Q345B+NM363
21-24T Rotating-rotating 5 1200/1300 Q345B+NM364
25-30T Rotating-rotating 6 1320/1450 Q345B+NM365
31-35T Rotating-rotating 6 1450/1600 Q345B+NM366
36-40T Rotating-rotating 6 1680/1850 Q345B+NM367
41-45T Rotating-rotating 6 1950/2150 Q345B+NM368


1) Really powerful tool, with high strength material used for the body structure, Lighter weight with high strength

2) Fully hyradulic, increasing working efficiency

3) Non-Rotatable, providing more durability to the equipment.

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