Excavator Bucket Teeth

Excavator Bucket Teeth

The Excavator Bucket Teeth are the most front-end accessories of all buckets and help the bucket perform digging work. High hardness bucket teeth can reduce costs and increase service life.

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When it comes to excavating, digging, and trenching, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your project’s success. That’s where our Excavator Bucket Teeth come into play, offering you a powerful edge and unmatched durability to conquer even the toughest tasks.

A way to get certain shape and size through pressure the heated metal, after high temperature heating and using extrusion, the metal organization will be changed and become more closely, thus improve the strength and wear-resistance. At last extend the excavator bucket teeth working life. Both the wear resistance and durability of forged bucket are 1.5 times the casting excavator bucket teeth.

Key Features for Excavator Bucket Teeth:

1. Built for Toughness:

Our Excavator Bucket Teeth are forged from high-quality, heat-treated steel to ensure exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. They’re engineered to handle the harshest conditions and the most abrasive materials with ease.

2. Precision Design:

Crafted to fit a variety of excavator models, our bucket teeth are designed with precision in mind. Their compatibility and easy installation make them a hassle-free solution for both professionals and enthusiasts.

3. Enhanced Efficiency:

The strategic design of our bucket teeth enhances digging efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing downtime. You’ll spend less time refueling and more time getting the job done.

4. Versatility:

Whether you’re working in construction, mining, landscaping, or any other excavation application, our bucket teeth are up for the challenge. They excel in digging through earth, rock, gravel, and more, providing you with a versatile solution for your diverse needs.

5. Longevity Guaranteed:

Say goodbye to frequent replacements. Our bucket teeth are built to last, offering extended service life, which means fewer replacements and lower operating costs over time.

6. Optimized Performance:

With our bucket teeth, you’ll experience superior penetration and digging capabilities. Their sharp edges and reinforced structure ensure maximum soil and material removal, streamlining your project timelines.

Don’t let subpar equipment hold you back. Upgrade your excavator with our Excavator Bucket Teeth and experience the difference for yourself.


Excavator Bucket Teeth


KOMATSU 20X-70-14160 205-70-19570 207-70-14151 208-70-14152 208-70-14270 209-70-54210 141-78-11253 175-78-31230 195-78-21331
195-78-71320 419-70-13160 419-70-13113 419-70-13114 419-70-13170 423-847-1111 423-70-13154 423-70-14164 423-70-13114
CATERPILLAR 1U3202 6Y3222 1U3252 1U3302 1U3352 7T3402 9W8452 9W8552 138-6552 6I6602 1U3301 1U3351
9N4252 9N4302 9N4352 8E4402 9N4452 9N4552
1U1254 1U0257 3G4258 3G4259 1U1304 3G4308 3G4309 1U1354 3G3357 3G5358 3G5359 6Y6335 6Y0309 6Y0352 6Y0359 6Y3352 9W2451 9W2452 4T5502 222-1087 220-9091 220-9089 286-2114
HITACHI TB00394 TB00395 TB00705 TB00822 22S 25S 30S 35S 40S 45S
DOOSAN 2713-1221 2713-9041 2713-9038 2713-1217 2713-1219 2713-0032 2713-1236
HYUNDAI 61N4-31310 E161-3027 61N6-31310 61N6-DA0020 61Q6-31310 61N8-31310 61NA-31310 61NB-31310 66NB-31310
KOBELCO YN69B00008F1 YN69300IL LQ61B01003S001 SK60 SK200 SK210 SK230
VOLVO 14527863 14530544 1171-01910 14553243 14553244
JCB 53103205 53103208 53103209 332C4388 332C4389 332C4390
OTHERS 23TF 60T ZL40B LG50C 72A0005 72A0339 72A0007 72A0006/8 ZL50 312204054 810-10630 810-10600 810-10640
15GPE 55GPE 80GPE K25 XS115 V39 V51 V59 V61



1. Adopt integral forging process, enhance overall mechanical properties of the workpiece.
2. Our product can be matched perfectly with various brands excavator and loader.
3. Raw materials is high-quality alloy structural steel.
4. Design different products to suit different scenarios, such as: excavation, loading, mining, etc.
5. Long life service time.


Material Alloy Steel
Hardness HRC47-52( Bucket Teeth), HRC43-48(Adapter)
Color Yellow/Grey/Customized
Process Forged/Casting
Adaptive Excavator Brand Komatsu/Hitachi/Cat/Deawoo/Doosan/Volvo/Kobelco/Volvo/Soosan/Sany/Kato/Sumitomo

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