Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket

Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket

Large bucket capacity, and large open area. Diamond folded top section for greater structural strength. Overlapping plate reduces stresses in critical areas.

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When it comes to tackling tough excavation tasks with precision and power, the Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket stands head and shoulders above the competition. Designed for durability, efficiency, and versatility, this bucket is the ultimate tool to help you get the job done right, no matter how challenging the terrain or demanding the project.

Key Features for Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket:

1. Built to Last:

Crafted from high-strength, wear-resistant materials, our Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket is engineered to endure the harshest working conditions. It’s designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring a long lifespan and dependable performance.

2. Exceptional Strength:

With reinforced sidewalls, cutting edges, and bucket base, this attachment boasts exceptional strength and digging power. Whether you’re dealing with dense soil, rocks, or other challenging materials, our bucket will excel in every application.

3. Versatile Design:

From digging trenches and excavating foundations to loading and transporting materials, the Heavy Duty Bucket adapts to a wide range of tasks. Its versatile design makes it a go-to attachment for contractors, construction crews, and excavator operators.

4. Precision Performance:

Achieve precision in your excavating work with this bucket’s carefully engineered shape and design. Its optimal geometry ensures efficient material pickup and release, allowing you to maintain control and accuracy throughout your projects.

5. Quick Attachment:

Easily mount and dismount the Heavy Duty Bucket with your excavator’s quick-coupler system, saving you valuable time on the job site. Its hassle-free installation means you can switch between attachments swiftly, maximizing productivity.

6. Enhanced Efficiency:

The bucket’s generous capacity and efficient design reduce the number of cycles required to complete tasks, saving you fuel costs and minimizing wear and tear on your excavator.

7. Operator Comfort:

Your operator’s comfort and safety are our priorities. The Heavy Duty Bucket features secure attachment points, making it easy to transport and maneuver materials while maintaining operator stability and control.

8. Low Maintenance:

Designed for minimal maintenance, this bucket allows you to focus on your work, not upkeep. Its rugged construction and quality components minimize downtime and ensure long-term reliability.

Invest in the Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket today and experience a new level of excavation performance. Whether you’re a professional contractor, an infrastructure builder, or an excavator enthusiast, this attachment is your trusted companion for tackling even the toughest earthmoving challenges.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to excavating power and efficiency. Upgrade your excavator’s capabilities with our Heavy Duty Bucket and take your projects to the next level.

Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket General Arrangement Drawing

Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket

Capacity(m³/cu.yd) 0.8/1.04 1/1.3 1.2/1.56 1.5/1.96 1.8/2.35 2/2.6 2.5/3.26 3/3.9 4/5.23
Length(“) 42.5 46.5 46.5 51.2 51.2 53.1 59.1 66 67.3
Width(“) 39.4 45.3 49.2 51.9 59.8 59.8 61 62.2 66.9
High(“) 27.6 29.9 31.5 33.9 35.8 38.6 40.9 44.5 53.1
Teeth(Optional) PC200 PC200 PC200 PC300 PC400 PC400 PC400 PC650 PC650
Lip(“) 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.6

High-quality materials

Material Code Related Chemical Composition Hardness(HB) Extension(%) Drag and extension intensity (N/mm2) Bend Intensity (N/mm2)
C Si Mn P S
Alloy Q355B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163-187 21 470-660 355
Chinese High-Strength alloy NM360 0.2 0.3 1.3 0.02 0.006 360 16 1200 1020
High-Strength alloy HARDOX-500 0.2 0.7 1.7 0.025 0.01 470-500 8 1550 1300


1. Thickening plate and wear part;

2. Delta or straight cutting edge;

3. Bolt-on or welded Segments between teeth(Optional);

4. Lateral bolt-on or welded protectors ;

5. Internal wear package made by strips, bended plate, or double layer plate;

6. External wear protection by heel shroud, chocky bar, wear button, double layer plate;

7. Buckets can be connected with either direct fit or quick coupling.


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